Quick Draw Dinosaur

It's official! My awesome boyfriend and I have just launched our new YouTube channel "Quick Draw Dinosaur"; a series of mini-documentaries on dinosaurs. Each episode presents a new challenge as we attempt to squish as many fascinating facts on a species of choice into just 10 seconds of footage!


But that's not the limits of this challenge: there are rules too! With only 90 minutes to produce each episode, we hustle against the clock to write the script, compose the copy and original music, design and animate the content and record and edit sound effects too. We hope that the result of each challenge will be a bite-sized documentary that's informative, eccentric and inspires followers to get out there and discover more.

We greatly value our viewers' likes and feedback and will also be welcoming requests from the audience, so if you have a favourite species that you would like to see on the show, please do let us know in the comments section at:


We've only just launched this weekend with episode 1: Rugops, but we'll be adding subsequent episodes on a regular basis, so please subscribe for more frantic dinosaur facts and Mesozoic mayhem! Happy viewing!


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