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Bajadasaurus pronuspinax

In late 2018 Gallina et. al published their description of a new dicraeosaurid sauropod from Argentina and this species was crazy, even by dicraeosaurid standards (which is pretty darn crazy)!
Bajadasaurus pronuspinax was revealed to be superficially similar to its sister taxon Amargasaurus cazaui, which I reconstructed some years ago.

But b. pronuspinax takes weirdness to the next level, as instead of having a recurved, posteriorly-oriented set of bifurcated neural spines, b.pronuspinax boasts a double-row of spines pointing forward!

Stories like this are mana from heaven to palaeoartists, so I, like many others, set about researching the taxon and trying to work out how on earth to reconstruct it. This is difficult in b.pronuspinax and a. cazaui in that there is no real consensus on whether the grossly-elongated neural spines in the cervical vertebrae should be depicted sheathed in keratin, tapering into a crown of horns; or if they would be sheathed in soft tissue, supporting a sail…

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