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Launching the Palaeontological Association YouTube channel

I'm painfully aware that this blog fell silent from September 2019 until last week; a shamefully long time to allow a blog feed to fall silent! However, in this instance I actually have a pretty good excuse: and that is that I have spent the best part of the last six months to January 2020 working on creating the first wave of content for the Palaeontological Association's new YouTube channel!

In collaboration with members of the Association's Council, I had the pleasure of directing, shooting, editing and producing animated graphics for six mini-documentaries, which will form the initial wave of content for the PalAss channel. The first episode: "Making Sense of Fossil Fish - with Tom Challands" introduces us to the wonderful world of fossilised sensory systems.

I will continue to share content in the series as episodes are released, but if you love palaeontology I invite you to subscribe to the PalAss channel and follow them on social media too.

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