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Human Evolution at the World Museum, Liverpool

In my 2017 wrap-up I cast an eye back over that year's adventures in palaeoart. This included (among other things) mention of two pieces commissioned by Dr Isabelle DeGroote at Liverpool John Moores University: a life-reconstruction of Homo erectus (Kanjera, Kenya) and a composite cave paining incorporating artwork from sites around the world (Lascaux, Altimira, etc). These were exhibition graphics to adorn the refurbished Human Evolution display in Liverpool's World Museum. In that post I optimistically mused that the projected opening date for the new exhibits would be early 2018 (ish).

Well, last week (only a mere 18 months later than projected!) Mike and I had the pleasure of joining curators, contributors and the great and good from LJMU and the World Museum to celebrate the official reopening of the World Museum's Human Evolution exhibit for the public gaze! It was a huge honour and brilliant reward to be able to meet all those involved in the project, taking in some…

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