Friday, 27 July 2012

Prehistoric Times

Very happy to announce today that my 'Giganotosaurus carolinii' is included in this season's issue of 'Prehistoric Times! Plus my rendition of 'Amargasaurus Cazaui' is set to appear in the autumn edition. So gratifying (not to mention humbling!) to see my Giganotosaurs strutting their stuff alongside contributions by so many amazing artists. Grateful thanks to all contributors and staff at P.T!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Smilodon fatalis

Smilodon fatalis, Pleistocene, 1.6 m.b.p - 10,000 b.p. North & South America. Just a pencil study I did in the pub last night. Liked her so much I decided to scan her in and clean her up a bit. She's a bit on the leonine side for a machairodont, but that's probably down to my lack of available reference material (precious few fossil specimens to be had in the 'White Hart'!) and my undeniable love of big cats. Ho-hum! Copyright A V S Turner 2012.